Hello, I'm Laurie the owner & designer of Cavossa Designs.  My life's path has taken many twists and turns, leading me through various careers. Yet, there's always been one thing that has always drawn me back, my passion for making jewelry.

My creations span a wide spectrum of styles.  I've created delicate beaded necklaces and poured my heart into hand-hammering pendants and earrings.  I work with an array of metals like copper, sterling silver, gold-filled, and brass bringing each piece to life with a unique touch. You'll also find beautiful gemstones, pearls, and crystals in my designs.

One interesting facet of my journey is having ADHD, which keeps my mind buzzing with new ideas and constantly evolving styles. It's a blessing in disguise because it fuels my creativity, pushing me to explore new techniques in jewelry making.

Growing up in Massachusetts I've always had a love for nature and the ocean these elements inspire me daily. You will often find their influence in my designs.

I hope my jewelry resonates with you and brings joy and inspiration to your life as it has mine.

Thank you for stopping by.