I'm Laurie, a wife, mom and jewelry designer. I've  been creating jewelry for many years, I was hooked after I took my first jewelry class in High School. One of my first creations were hand painted cardboard earrings they were colorful, funky and unique.  I sold them in two different Day Spa Boutiques on the North Shore.

I've had many other careers since then but I always come back to creating jewelry.  I feel blessed to be doing what I love, I’ve realized that making things with my hands keeps me happy and busy.

Having a child on the Autism Spectrum has taught me love and patience, especially patience more than I ever knew I had.  Designing jewelry is my therapy, it has given me the opportunity to work from home, as I help my son navigate his life. I grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts where most of my family still resides.  I'm inspired by many things, especially the ocean as well as natures beautiful colors and textures. Quite often you will find me designing jewelry outside on my deck where I can relax, and create.

My jewelry designs are a blend of both vintage and modern elements.  I love the hunt for interesting beads and findings to use in my designs, you never know what I might find.

Old items that were once used for one thing have been repurposed, recycled and transformed into rustic displays for my collection.

Thank you for stopping by my shop.